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Missouri Drug Law Penalties

June 9, 2021

Missouri's controlled substances laws are some of the strictest found in the country. These laws are vigorously enforced by the various police departments throughout Missouri. In addition, each Prosecuting Attorney's office makes it a point to be seen as hard on drug crimes. Most violations are Felony charges, this makes it especially important for anyone who has been charged with a violation of any of the Missouri Drug Laws to take it very seriously.

Having a record of a drug conviction can cost you a job, a professional license, or even an apartment. Insurance companies may even raise your rates, and banks may increase your interest rate or outright deny you a loan if you find out you have a previous drug conviction.

If you are arrested and charged for a violation of Missouri's Controlled Substances Act, then you need to contact a St. Louis Drug Possession Lawyer immediately to protect your rights. Anthony Bretz has been successfully representing clients with drug charges for over 10 years. His understanding of the nuances in Missouri's Drug Penalties and laws allows him to devise actionable defenses for his clients. With a vigorous and aggressive representation, Anthony Bretz is able to get great outcomes for his clients.

Missouri's Narcotic Drug Act identifies and classifies the various controlled substances the possession and use of which are heavily restricted. The punishments for illegal possession, use, manufacture or distribution of these controlled substances is identified in Missouri's Controlled Substances Act.


Missouri Misdemeanor Drug Offenses include Marijuana offenses. These charges involve the possession of small amounts of Marijuana in the amount of 35 grams or less and possession of paraphernalia.

Missouri has also it made unlawful as a misdemeanor offense to possess drug paraphernalia, as well as various other possession and delivery charges. Some offenses faced increased penalties for prior offenses. Certain possession offenses may also be enhanced if they take place in or around a school or university.

The maximum range of punishment for the most serious misdemeanor charge, being a class A misdemeanor, is up to 1 year in a county jail, a fine of up to $2,000 or a combination of both. In additional to these penalties, a defendant could face additional costs and conditions of a sentence.


For all other drug charges, they are classified as Missouri Felony Drug Offenses. These charges include the possession of large amounts of Marijuana, to possession of any amount of any of the controlled substances identified in Missouri's Narcotic Drug Act, to some repeat offenses.

Felony charges carry higher potential penalties than Misdemeanor charges and require a skilled and experienced Missouri Drug Possession Lawyer to make sure you put forth the best defense possible.

The maximum range of punishment for a class A felony, being the most serious felony charge, is up to life in prison. Felonies classified as E, D or C along with prison time also carry the potential of a $10,000 fine. As with misdemeanors, there are additional costs and conditions of a sentence which can be imposed on a defendant.

Having an attorney on your side who is familiar with the Missouri Drug penalties is your best bet to winning your case or minimizing the consequences if you prefer to negotiate a plea deal. Anthony Bretz has devoted his time and practice to keeping up-to-date on developments in Missouri Drug laws and aggressively representing his clients in court. Contact us today to and we will start fighting for your rights now!