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Protect Your Constitutional Rights In the Face of Criminal Charges or Employment Discrimination REACH OUT NOW

DUI/DWI Attorney Serving St. Louis, Missouri

Were you recently arrested for Driving While Intoxicated? You need to know your rights and you need to act NOW. You have limited time after an arrest for DWI or DUI to protect your rights. You need to talk to a lawyer right away.

A DWI arrest is often the first serious encounter a driver has with the police and it can be a confusing and unnerving experience leaving them with many questions.

What is going to happen to me? Will I lose my license? Will I keep my job? Will I go to jail? Will I have a criminal record with a conviction? Will I have an arrest record? What can I do?

Don't Let a DUI/DWI Derail Your Life

The right attorney will be able to help you navigate these concerns and assist you in preparing a strong defense. There are many factors that could have an impact on your case. Did you perform Field Sobriety Tests? Did you make any statements to the arresting officer? Did you provide a Breathalyzer sample? Did you refuse to do any of these? Was an accident involved? Did the police have a blood sample drawn? Is DWI Court an option for you?

You need an experienced, dedicated attorney to aggressively represent you and your interests in order to keep you from losing your driver's license and to avoid a criminal record. Missouri DUI penalties include both criminal consequences and administrative actions. Anthony Bretz understands the Missouri DUI penalties that you are facing.

For over ten years Anthony Bretz has defended clients with DUI charges in Missouri state and municipal courts. Anthony Bretz knows the Missouri DUI penalties and laws. He knows what is necessary to keep you out of jail and from losing your driver's license. Remember, just because you were arrested does not mean you have been proven guilty. Protecting your rights in court requires knowledge of the law and determination to do the necessary work and make the state prove its case. Contact Anthony Bretz today to discuss your case.