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Federal Charges Attorney Serving St. Louis, Missouri

Charged with A Crime in Federal Court?

Those arrested and charged with having violated Federal law find themselves in Federal Court being prosecuted by an Assistant United States Attorney. The criminal justice system can move quickly in comparison to state courts and having a federal criminal lawyer near you gives you the best odds of having your interests represented.

Since 2015 the number of criminal defendants named in federal charges filed in the Eastern District of Missouri has increased 69%.

Are You Facing Federal Charges?

Having a St Louis federal defense lawyer with trial experience in Federal Court gives you the confidence to have your day in court. Experience matters in Federal Court, the laws are different and the rules of procedure are different than state court cases. You want an attorney who is familiar with the ins and outs of Federal law and the US Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

In 2019 St. Louis gun charges in Federal Court made up 52% of all charges filed.

Drug charges in Federal Court make up the second-largest group of cases filed. You need a lawyer near you with experience representing clients in possession and distribution cases.

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