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Criminal Defense Attorney Serving St. Louis, Missouri

Whether you have recently been arrested or charged with a Felony, Misdemeanor, or Municipal Ordinance violation, you have begun down what could be a long and difficult journey. Most people will never have to go through the criminal justice system and many times those who find themselves charged are experiencing it for the first time. This can be a scary prospect for people.

The worst thing one can do in this position is to go to court by themselves. This has more to do with the imbalance of power you will experience if you try to defend yourself against a Prosecuting Attorney who has years of experience and a specialized knowledge of criminal law. The only way to guarantee that your rights will be enforced is to have an equally experienced St. Louis Criminal Defense Attorney on your side.

Remember, you're innocent until proven guilty, so don't give in to the Prosecutor's demands just because you don't know what else to do. I have been successfully representing criminal clients in the greater St. Louis region for over a decade. My knowledge of Missouri's criminal laws and experience make it possible for me to seek the results my clients want or need.

Without the right attorney on your side, you could waive your Constitutional protections and end up in a far worse position.

Have You Been Charged with a Crime?

Having a qualified, determined, and experienced attorney on your side will put you in a position of comfort with each step you take until your matter is concluded. I will use my experience in the courtroom to fight for you and to ensure that your Constitutional rights are preserved. I will keep you informed each step along the way because I believe my most valuable asset as an attorney is a client who is well informed about their case.

Each case is different and deserves an attorney who will work hard for you to develop a defense that is crafted to meet the unique circumstances of your case. No one-size-fits-all defense will get you the results you deserve. You need someone who understands the unique facts of your case in order to have the best opportunity to prevail in court.

Your case deserves nothing less than a dedicated, focused, and results-driven attorney advocating on your behalf.

You also need an attorney who will be prepared to take your case to trial while at the same time negotiating on your behalf for a plea deal that avoids the risks of trial, so that you have more than one option. You should never feel like you are forced to take an option because it is the only one.

At Bretz Legal, I will work hard to protect your rights because I know that your case is important to you.

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