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June 9, 2021

The following material is not meant to be authoritative but rather is educational only. All information was accurate when published; however, changes are made from time to time by the State with respect to SATOP, including prices. For the most UpToDate information, you are encouraged to go directly to the sources linked below.

SATOP, or the Substance Awareness Traffic Offender Program, is overseen by the Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse of the Missouri Department of Mental Health. The purpose of SATOP is to reduce the number of repeat DUI offenders and to provide offenders with a treatment option.

SATOP is required in DUI cases in Missouri whenever a person receives an administrative license suspension or revocation. Additionally, courts of criminal jurisdiction will often order DUI defendants to complete SATOP as part of their sentence. You will only have you complete one SATOP course per DUI incident.

The fees for your SATOP assessment are determined by the Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse. At your assessment, you will owe two fees. There is a $126.00 assessment screening fee and a supplemental assessment fee of $249.00. The total due at your SATOP assessment is $375.00.

Most of the supplemental fee is forwarded to the Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse. These fees are then used to help eligible individuals pay for their SATOP course. Eligibility is determined by a Standard Means Test.

The costs associated with your participation and completion of a SATOP course ultimately depends on the results of your SATOP assessment. Once you have a SATOP assessment you will be assigned a specific course. This course must be completed within six months of your assessment.

If you believe that you have received an unfair assessment, then you have the right to file a motion with the Associate Division of the Circuit Court in the county where your assessment was provided. The Court may modify or waive the requirement, unless you have been determined to be a prior or persistent offender or you were arrested with a BAC of 0.15% or greater.


Once you have completed your initial SATOP assessment screening, and it has been evaluated, you will receive an assignment to one of four levels of SATOP programs. Level I is the least burdensome and time-consuming course, while Level IV is the hardest course and it requires the most amount of time. The costs increase as the level increases.


The Offender Education Program, or OEP, is the typical assignment for most first-time DUI offenders. It requires the completion of a 10-hour course designed to educate offenders on the real-life consequences of drinking and driving. It further provides the offender with help in identifying warning signs of alcohol dependency and local resources that provide additional support. The Level I fee is $200.00, which is subject to change.


The Weekend Intervention Program, or WIP, is assigned to most high-risk or second DUI offenders. It requires the completion of a 20-hour course over one weekend. This course provides an intensive education and counseling intervention methods in a highly restrictive environment. The Level II fee is $474.46 plus about $7.00 for materials, both of which are subject to change.


If you are assigned Level III, then you must complete the Clinical Intervention Program, otherwise referred to as CIP. This is a 50-hour intensive counseling and intervention outpatient program. It includes individual and group counseling sessions, as well as group education. A minimum of 10 hours must be directed toward issues arising out of impaired driving.

This program is designed for persistent offenders. It should take about six weeks to complete the CIP. The Level III fee is $1083.43, which is subject to change.


Level IV offenders are assigned to the Serious and Repeat Offender Program or SROP. This is a highly intensive outpatient program involving 75 hours of treatment. The course must last a minimum of 90 days.

The 75 hours must be composed of 35 hours of group counseling sessions, 30 hours of group education, and 10 hours of individual counseling with a substance abuse counselor.

As the name suggests, this program is designed for serious DUI offenders. The costs of the program are based on the Department of Mental Health's Standard Means Test. The Level IV fee will be a minimum of $200 up to a maximum of $1522.50, which is subject to change.

Check here to locate a SATOP provider near you.

The Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse provides further resources that can be found here.

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