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The Importance of Paying your Fines and Court Costs

Jan. 28, 2021

Have a Plan To Pay Your Fines Before Accepting a Plea Deal

A DWI arrest, a charge of Possession of Controlled Substance, even a Speeding ticket, will cost you money. An attorney can negotiate a plea deal for you. It is cheaper than going to trial and without the risk of a conviction. Part of that deal will require you to pay a fine, Court Costs or both within a certain time. Depending on the charge, you will be given from 30 days to 120 days to pay these costs.

You Can Be Arrested If You Don't Pay Your Fines

If you don't pay your fines and Court Costs, the Court will can issue a Warrant for your arrest. Some plea deals involve probation, like an SIS or SES. Aside from Court Costs, your probation will also have fees.

Not having money is not a good excuse. But if you go to court on your Pay Date, you can talk to the Court about your financial situation. A judge can give you a payment plan. In return, you will need to keep going to court every month to make a payment until you have paid your Fines and Costs in full.

But not showing up to Court and not paying your fines, Court Costs or probation fees will only end up with your arrest.

Have a Plan to Pay Your Fines

You know it will cost you after you get arrested. It doesn't matter if the charge is a Misdemeanor, Felony or a ticket for Driving Without a License. Whether you are paying an attorney to "get your case thrown out" or to work out a better plea deal for you, or you are simply paying the fine, you know there is going to be a price. Be prepared ahead of the court date by saving your money.

More people get in trouble after a plea deal simply because they didn't pay their fines.

If you hire an attorney, make sure you are upfront with them. He or she can let the Court know that you will need a payment plan. If you do not have a lawyer, then be certain to let the judge know yourself. Either way, the best plan is clear communication.

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