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Third Missouri DUI

June 9, 2021


A third DUI in Missouri is a felony charge and carries significant consequences. Your freedom is at stake and the lawyer you choose could mean avoiding jail. You need a lawyer who knows how to analyze your driving record and prior DUI history in order to design a proper defense.

You ONLY have 15 days to file a Request for an Administrative Hearing or a Petition for Review in order to prevent your driver's license from being suspended or revoked.

A third DWI or DUI charge in Missouri is a serious offense. Even if you get probation you will still have to serve a month in jail. Felony DUI cases call for a dedicated and experienced Missouri DUI Attorney to protect your freedom. Anthony Bretz has spent over ten years representing clients charged with DUI's in Circuit and Municipal Courts in Missouri. He has honed his skills in the courtroom and understands what it takes to help his clients succeed.

A missed deadline or failure to subpoena key evidence could be the difference between serving time or getting no jail time at all. One wrong move or one missed opportunity could wind up costing you your license for 1 year or up to 10 years. Anthony Bretz will challenge the State's witnesses and each piece of evidence.

When you're charged with a felony DUI, even only a class E felony, you need to have an aggressive Missouri DUI Defense Attorney like Anthony Bretz representing you before you go to court.

  1. A Class E felony criminal record if you have been classified as a Persistent DUI offender, or while driving while intoxicated, you act with criminal negligence to cause physical injury to another person.

  2. You may be sentenced to a minimum of 30 days to 1 year in jail or up to 4 years in prison. Your 30 days can often be exchanged for community service.

  3. Loss of your license for 10 years.

  4. Loss of your license for 90 days or 1 year, though a Restricted Driving Privilege can be obtained.

  5. You could be fined up to $10000.

  6. You will be assessed Court Costs which vary depending on the court your case is in.

  7. Five years of Supervised Probation with fees, after serving 30 days in jail.

  8. You will have to participate and complete a Substance Awareness Traffic Offenders Program (SATOP).

  9. You will have to participate and complete a Victim Impact Panel (VIP) presentation by MADD.

  10. You may have to complete 60 days of Community Service.

  11. You may be ordered to submit to continuous alcohol monitoring or verifiable breath alcohol testing performed a minimum of four times per day.

*DUI's can result in loss of driving privileges via a criminal conviction, through points, or through an administrative action; additionally, you could wind up having to serve BOTH suspensions back-to-back.

You only have 15 days to file a Request for an Administrative Hearing or a Petition for Review in order to prevent your driver's license from being suspended or revoked.

Following your arrest for DWI or DUI, the Department of Revenue (DOR) will suspend or revoke your license for up to a year for a subsequent offense within 5 years. You will be provided a Temporary 15-Day Driving Permit that will permit you to drive after your arrest for 15 days, after which your driving privileges will be suspended unless you act NOW. Depending on whether you refused to provide a breath sample or not, you will be able to challenge the DOR's suspension of your driving privileges in Civil Court or in an Administrative Hearing.

There is no time to waste with a Third DUI in Missouri. Contact Anthony Bretz now to get a skilled Missouri DUI Lawyer working on your case immediately.