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How Will Your Case Be Charged in St. Louis County After an Arrest for DWI Involving an Accident With Injury?

April 29, 2022

If you injure another person while drinking and driving in St. Louis County, or elsewhere in Missouri, then you can face multiple DWI charges.

Person on the ground next to car holding knee in pain

Felony DWI-Serious Physical Injury

When another person is injured in a motor vehicle accident where a driver was drinking and driving, then that driver can be charged not only with a DWI, whether misdemeanor or felony, but also charged with a second DWI offense for the Serious Physical Injury, which is a felony. This is hard for many to understand as it is two DWI charges for the same set of facts. It's easier to think of the second charge as a vehicular assault charge involving alcohol.

So What Does This Mean For You?

If you cause the injury of another person while drinking and driving, then you can expect to be charged with a class D felony for the offense of DWI with a Serious Physical Injury; plus, an additional DWI charge for the actual act of driving while intoxicated.

If you have any prior DWIs or other Alcohol-Related Traffic Offense guilty pleas or convictions, then you could face another felony charge for the DWI. Either way, whether it's your first DWI (up to 6 months in Jail) or a third DWI (up to 4 years in prison), you will be facing up to 7 years on the class D felony for the serious physical injury charge.

Civil Losses?

Aside from your criminal DWI case, and the Administrative Hearing or Breathalyzer Refusal Petition For Review, you could also face civil consequences if the injured party sues you for medical damages.

Whether it is your first offense or your Fifth DWI, if you injure another person in an accident where alcohol is involved, then you need the competent representation that only a DWI Attorney can provide you. Call Anthony Bretz in order to discuss your options.