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Breach of Contract

Clients were a married couple who entered into a contract with an early childhood education daycare facility for a school year to begin on certain date.  Per the contract, clients paid the entire year's tuition upfront at the time they entered the contract. Before the scheduled school year began our clients began receiving monthly correspondence from the school stating the beginning of the school year would be delayed. After receiving several such notices from the school, it because clear that their child's school would not be ready until halfway through the second semester, causing my clients to sign their child up at another area early childhood education daycare facility. When my clients asked for a refund of their initial deposit and prepayment of the school year tuition, they were informed that the contract they signed said absolutely no refunds. After meeting with our lawyers, we immediately issued a demand letter to the school and when that went unanswered we filed a Petition in Circuit Court for Breach of Contract. Prior to a trial in the matter, the opposing side agreed to refund the entire deposit and prepayment of the school year tuition to our clients, making them whole again.

Outcome: Negotiated a favorable Settlement in favor of my clients, making them whole again.