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Disability Discrimination under the Americans with Disability Act

Client is a disabled individual who worked for a national big name store. Employee suffered multiple injuries and missed several workdays because of this. Employee was eventually forced to sit in an office all day and listen to a higher up lecture him on how much money employees cost them when they are injured on the job, going so far as to try and guilt my client into not reporting injuries at all. The next day my client was terminated. After meeting with us and discussing the employee's situation, we helped him craft a carefully worded complaint for filing with the EEOC and Missouri Commission on Human Rights. Eventually we had to file a lawsuit on behalf of our client, but in the end we were able to bring the other side to the negotiating table and win a sizable settlement for our client that fully compensated him for his lost wages and for the pain and suffering he endured as a result of not only his supervisor's bad behavior but also for being unemployed for an extended period of time.

Outcome: Won the Client a Very Sizable Settlement.