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Traffic Tickets

Got a Speeding Ticket?

Hiring a Lawyer May Be the Cheapest Option

Person in car with head in hands while police leans in windowGetting a traffic ticket can put a damper on your day but that doesn't mean you have to roll over and take it. Paying the suggested Fines and Court Costs may seem cheaper than hiring an experienced Traffic Lawyer, but it may result in higher insurance rates because of it. The fact is, after paying higher insurance premiums for years, hiring a Traffic Lawyer like Anthony S. Bretz is cheaper in the long run than simply paying the Fines and Costs.

Don't yourself a disservice by skimping on the lawyer fees. In most cases, your traffic ticket can be handled for less than a hundred dollars by an experienced attorney. More serious tickets may result in higher fees, but in the end, you may save hundreds of dollars in insurance costs.

Aside from avoiding higher insurance costs, hiring a St. Louis County Traffic Lawyer to fix your ticket helps with future speeding tickets. When you get traffic ticket, the Prosecutor will pull your Driving Record. The more speeding convictions, or convictions for Driving While Revoked or Driving While Suspended, that appear on your Driving Record, the less likely the Prosecutor is to work out a deal with no points. Hiring a lawyer is the best way to ensure you maintain a clean driving record.

Avoid Points on Your License

At Bretz Legal, we have helped hundreds of clients with resolving their traffic tickets like: Speeding, Driving While Suspended/Revoked, DWI, No Insurance, or Stop Sign Violations. In most cases, clients are able to plead guilty to a non-moving violation and avoid points against their Driver's License.

Missouri's Point System

Simply pay the suggested fines not only can result in higher insurance costs, but it also means points will be added to license. Get too many points in too short a time frame, and you will face losing your license. An experienced Traffic Lawyer can help you avoid this outcome.

If you receive 4 points in 12 months, the Department of Revenue will send you a Point Accumulation Advisory Letter.

If you receive 8 or more points in 18 months, the Department of Revenue will suspend your driving privilege.

  • Your 1st suspension will be for 30 days

  • Your 2nd suspension will be for 60 days

  • Your 3rd or more suspension will be for 90 days

Aside from facing possible suspensions of your driving privileges, the Department of Revenue will revoke your license for 1 year if you get:

  • 12 or more points in 12 months

  • 18 or more points in 24 months

  • 24 or more points in 36 months

How Points Come Off Your License

After your Driver's License is reinstated following either a Point Suspension or Revocation, the Department of Revenue will reduce your total points to 4.

After that, and for every year you drive without getting any new points on your record, the points will be reduced.

  • After 1 year your total remaining points are reduced by one-third

  • After 2 years your remaining points are reduced by one-half

  • After 3 years all of your remaining points are reduced to zero

Caution: Certain types of traffic convictions must remain listed permanently on your Missouri driver record. This means that despite your points total being reduced to zero, you may still have convictions on your record. This is another important reason hiring an experienced traffic lawyer is necessary. Avoiding having your driving record permanently marred by a conviction may help in avoiding future raises to your insurance rates.

Various Tickets and Their Points

Speeding (More than 5 MPH Over the Posted Limit) & Excessive Speeding

  • Under State Law - 3 Points

  • Under County Ordinance - 2 Points

  • Under Municipal Ordinance - 2 Points

Driving While Suspended/Revoked

  • Under State Law, County or Municipal Ordinance - 12 Points (Which means automatic 1 Year Revocation)


  • 1st Offense Under State Law, County or Municipal Ordinance - 8 Points (Which means automatic Suspension)

  • 2nd Offense Under State Law, County or Municipal Ordinance - 12 Points (Which means automatic 1 Year Revocation)

Failure to Produce Insurance ID

  • Under State Law, County or Municipal Ordinance - 4 Points (Which means you'll receive a Point Accumulation Advisory Letter)

Stop Sign Violation (Rolling Stop)

  • Under State Law or County Ordinance - 2 Points

  • Under Municipal Ordinance With No Accident - 1 Point

  • Under Municipal Ordinance With an Accident - 2 Points

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