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State of Missouri v. Un-Named DWI Client

Felony DWI & Driving While Revoked criminal cases. Client was arrested and charged as a Habitual DWI Offender, a class B Felony and faced 5-15 years in prison, and the class D Felony of Driving While Revoked, and faced up to 4 years in prison. The State's only offered plea agreement was for my client to serve 7 years in prison with the opportunity to be released after serving 120 days so we set it for a Preliminary Hearing. Outcome: Won on both counts. After a thorough cross-examination of the reporting officer and the arresting officer the State was unable to prove its case on either count resulting in the Court's dismissal of both counts against my client. The State chose not to refile charges.

Outcome: Won: Dismissal of both charges