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Unlawful Manufacture of Drug Paraphernalia

Manufacture of Drug Paraphernalia

The manufacturing of drug paraphernalia in the State of Missouri is defined as when a person unlawfully manufactures paraphernalia and intends to deliver this knowing that it will be used in the production, preparation or ingestion of a controlled substance. Even if a person claims that they did not know how the paraphernalia was going to be used, it is enough that under the circumstances a reasonable person should know.

The penalties for unlawful manufacture of drug paraphernalia are:

  1. A class A misdemeanor criminal record.
  2. A jail sentence of up to 1 year.
  3. A fine of up to $2,000.
  4. A combination of both a jail sentence and a fine.
  5. Probation for not less than 6 months and up to 2 years, either Supervised or Unsupervised. 
  6. Costs for probation.
  7. Court Costs. 
  8. Random Drug Testing and the Costs. 
  9. Community Service.

Enhancement for Commercial Purpose

If you commit the offense of unlawful manufacture of drug paraphernalia in pursuit of a commercial purpose, then you can be charged with a felony.

If you are arrested and charged with Unlawful Manufacture of Drug Paraphernalia, then you need to immediately seek an attorney. Don't waste precious time and risk having a record of conviction for a drug related crime. With an experienced Missouri Criminal Defense Attorney like Anthony Bretz you will have someone on your side who has spent over 10 years defending people with manufacturing of paraphernalia charges. 

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